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Spring Equinox

Shifts and the Spring Equinox The Spring Equinox or vernal equinox occurs on the 20th of March this year  (11.02 GMT 2013). This is when the length of the day and night become equal. The daytimes then become progressively longer in the northern hemisphere up to the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June- the longest… Read more »

The best affirmations

The best affirmations are…afformations! Most of us know about positive affirmations, and they can be highly effective in encouraging positive thinking and focusing our mind upon optimistic outcomes. But as statements, are they in the best format for our brains to process and act upon? A few years ago a success coach and trainer called Noah… Read more »

Music and life

Here’s a great video from one of my favourite philosophers – Alan Watts. Fun to watch, yet it really gets you thinking about the amount of conditioning we are all subjected to, and how it can drive us towards constant striving and focusing on the future rather than the present moment.

4:36 PM Here are 3 great posts from the neuropsychologist Rick Hanson. Our brain has evolved over time with 3 distinct structures. Our reptilian-like core brain-stem, our mammalian limbic system, and our primate – based cortex. Although interconnected, they each evolved with their own primary purposes. The Reptile part – Brainstem, focused on avoiding harm The… Read more »

Exercise for mental health and physical wellbeing

We are meant to move. Our bodies are designed to respond positively to movement. Our bodies work better, and our mood and quality of thinking benefit. I like to make comparisons with the natural environment. When a river moves less, it starts to stagnate. Flow is reduced, silt and particles begin to build up, fish… Read more »