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As a 40-something generation X’er, one of my favourite cartoons as a kid was called Battle of the Planets. One of the highlights was seeing the 5 characters join forces in a pyramid to form a whirlwind of strength when they couldn’t deal with the situation. They came together in a way which was more… Read more »

How being mindful can help with significant worry and anxiety.

As a generalisation, we can say that worry and anxiety is our response to fearing the future in some way. It is our fight or flight system working overtime because we feel threatened and unsafe in the world. So we’re continually scanning the future for danger, fearing the worst might happen. And our body responds by… Read more »

I don’t want you to change

Great video forwarded to me by my course director at BeeLeaf. The video is multi-layered, but for me what stands out is the paradox that when we stop trying to change ourselves or others, acceptance comes and this allows for wholeness and positive change to happen naturally. Enjoy!