4:36 PM

Here are 3 great posts from the neuropsychologist Rick Hanson.

Our brain has evolved over time with 3 distinct structures.

Our reptilian-like core brain-stem, our mammalian limbic system, and our primate – based cortex.

Although interconnected, they each evolved with their own primary purposes.

The Reptile part – Brainstem, focused on avoiding harm
The Mammal part – Limbic system, focused on approaching rewards
The Primate part – Cortex, focused on attaching and connecting to ourselves and others
Each part can have an influence on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

With an awareness of each part’s needs, we can then work towards soothing our brainstem : petting the lizard

feeding and fulfilling our limbic system : feeding the mouse,

and connecting and relating with ourselves and others in nurturing ways : hugging the monkey.

Have a look and see what you think.