How to achieve financial freedom

One of the main drivers for coaching and career change is to achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people, but generally we are looking for ways to be able to choose :

what we want to do, when we want to do it, as much as we want to do it (or as little), with who and where we want to do it!

Financial freedom can release us from stuck positions towards these goals – from employee to investor, from full time to part time, from monotony to variety, from meaningless to meaningful.

There are some basic principles to be learnt from the financially free that can set you on your way to be like them.

There are a number of great books and cd’s out there discussing these principles.

Here are my top ten that I regularly recommend to my clients :

1. Think and Grow Rich: The Original Classic

Thought provoking, because it shows how important our mind is, and our attitude to money.

2. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Think rich to get rich If we work on our mind and beliefs first, financial freedom will follow.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Easy, yet fundamental lessons on how the rich become rich, shifting from being an employee to an investor.

4. Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom More detail on applying the lessons using his cashflow quadrant.

5. Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen’s Seven Principles of Wealth! More specifics on how to generate income and financial growth.

6. Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth! Second Edition Here Allen sets out the importance of creating numerous passive income streams to earn whilst you’re not working.

7. The Richest Man in Babylon A must-read for anyone seeking financial freedom.

8. My Daughter Wanted a Pet so I Bought Her a Greyhound and Other Everyday Wealth Building Strategies by Gill Fielding (Nightingale Conant 65001PCD) Detailed financial strategy advice from the ‘Secret Millionaire’ Gill Fielding.

9. The Naked Trader: How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares Funny and informed advice on share trading.

10. Successful Property Letting:How to Make Money in Buy-to-let The definitive guide on property investing in the buy-to-let market.

Are there any others you might recommend?