Spring Equinox

Shifts and the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox or vernal equinox occurs on the 20th of March this year  (11.02 GMT 2013).

This is when the length of the day and night become equal. The daytimes then become progressively longer in the northern hemisphere up to the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June- the longest day.

The Spring Equinox is highly significant to our health and wellbeing according to chinese medicine, pagan/druid based beliefs, many holistic approaches to health and mood, fertility, farming, religion…a long list!

From my training in Natural Nutrition (see www.natnut.co.uk) the view is that both the spring and autumn equinoxes create a flip of energy within the body.

(As do the new moon and full moon to a lesser degree – see Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles

by Thomas Poppe).


At these change over points the flip of energy creates the opportunity for significant detoxification in the body, which when managed well using diet and naturopathic techniques, can lead to higher vitality.


So now is a good time to drink plenty of water, eat lightly or even fast for a day to allow the body to make full use of the aided detoxification. This is also apparently why many people get colds or flu around equinoxes as a way of releasing toxins.

And of course we are affected by many natural rhythms – because essentially it’s all connected. Day/night cycles – circadian rhythms, lunar cycles and seasonal cycles all have an effect on us.

It’s been statistically proven that hospitals, mental health organisations and police stations experience increased activity on full moons – hence the word ‘lunatic’.

We could call ourselves ‘biological timepieces’. We move with the rhythm of nature, and we are constantly changing and evolving.

My approach to counselling is called ‘Contemporary Psychotherapy’  because it honours this fact. We are constantly in process, and symptoms may be an attempt to bring an aspect of ourselves back into balance in some way.

So rather than looking for ways to get rid of the symptoms as quickly as possible (which may be difficult to do), I tend to encourage the client to try to be curious about them in the first instance.

This curiosity may help with understanding, acceptance and perhaps a change in behaviour or circumstances – thereby restoring balance for the client and a sense of ease with their wider environment.

For more information on this subject in general, have a look at Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light by Barbara Wren.