The best affirmations

The best affirmations are…afformations!

Most of us know about positive affirmations, and they can be highly effective in encouraging positive thinking and focusing our mind upon optimistic outcomes.

But as statements, are they in the best format for our brains to process and act upon?

A few years ago a success coach and trainer called Noah St. John came upon the idea that our mind, and in particular our unconscious mind is designed to search for answers to questions.

flickr: Horia Varian

Human thought is like a computer continuously searching and finding evidence to reinforce the unconscious beliefs we have about ourselves and our place in the World.

So we may be consciously telling ourselves positive statements (affirmations) such as “I am happy” and “I am successful”.

But if our unconscious mind (the other 90% of our mind) is holding an opposing belief that “I am not successful” then the affirmation is unlikely to be effective.

But if we ask ourselves a positive question such as “Why am I happy?” or “Why am I successful?” then we are creating a task for our unconscious mind to search for evidence that supports the question.

And in doing this we are redirecting the focus of our minds towards ourselves and our environment in a positive way.

Noah St. John calls these questions afformations, because they can form new outcomes and feelings rather than reaffirming what is already in place.

Some of the most common afformations include :

Why am I so rich?

Why am I so happy?

Why am I enough?

Why am I good enough?

Why do I have what it takes to succeed?

Why do I have the courage to do what I love?

Why does opportunity come so easily to me now?

Why do I enjoy so much success?

Why do I have more than enough money?

Why does having what I want help others get what they want?

The key point is that you do not need to have the answers. Your unconscious mind will go away in the background and begin searching for answers to these questions.

Just try a few for size. You may notice an immediate shift or relaxation just by asking yourself these questions.

For more information, see Noah’s books on afformations and the unconscious habits of successful, happy people :

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