As a 40-something generation X’er, one of my favourite cartoons as a kid was called Battle of the Planets.

One of the highlights was seeing the 5 characters join forces in a pyramid to form a whirlwind of strength when they couldn’t deal with the situation.

They came together in a way which was more than the sum of their parts – working together without conflict and transcending to a different level.

As an adult now and through the work that I do, I have come to realise that this is not dissimilar to the strength and potential released when we accept and integrate all of the parts of ourselves that make us who we are.: our intellect, emotions, sexuality, physicality and spirituality.

It involves welcoming and valuing all aspects of ourselves, our past, the bits of ourselves that we have pushed into our ‘shadow’, alongside that which we’re more comfortable with.

It also involves letting go of our conditioning – to stop judging ourselves and behaving in ways in order to fit in.

This frees us up to be more authentic and relaxed.

Any energy being used to manage internal conflicts and suppress aspects of ourselves can then be made available to live life more fully and congruently – our own internal whirlwind of strength!