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The world of work is changing. What our parents or grandparents might have experienced is often no longer available or even preferable. One career, guaranteed security, promotion prospects, large pensions – all of these are in decline. This can be scary, or it can be an opportunity.

An opportunity to take responsibility to create a career that works for us. Honouring our values and needs, and with the secure feeling that we’re actually able to decide ‘What We Do, How We Do it and As Much as We Want to Do it’. If we’ve managed to find a way in which we can do this, then we have been successful on our own terms.

This course will use the approach that I have used in career coaching with clients over the last 15 years. Please take a look at my testimonials for feedback. We’ll cover determing what matters to YOU, exploring your belief system and limitations, your skills and marketability, the changing workplace and new opportunities. This will lead to creating a plan and a timeline for putting your findings into action.

With videos, subtitles, transcripts, additional resources and a facebook group for support, this mini-course will be available during 2022.

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