How to feel Good Enough Mini-course

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One of the basic foundations that we need for wellbeing is to feel good enough. To be self accepting and practicing self care. This allows us to feel at peace with ourselves and free to form healthy relationships with others. It also allows us to be natural and authentic rather than presenting a false self, or compromising our own needs in order to please others.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, we can end up not having this view of ourselves. And we end up feeling unhappy or anxious; worried that others will agree with our belief that we are not ok.

This can lead to the fear of embarrassment, shame or rejection.  And In today’s society this is an increasing problem, so this course will explore this topic in detail and look at what can help.

With videos, subtitles, transcripts, additional resources and a facebook group for support, this mini-course will be available during 2022.

To find out about release dates, join the facebook group :


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