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Mindfulness Mini-course

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in the West over the last few years. And for good reason. It has been proven to help with stress, anxiety and depression. It is also the foundation for bringing our attention to the present moment to be able to enjoy life to the full. As a qualified Mindfulness Instructor,… Read more »

How to find Courage and Purpose with the Hero’s Journey Mini-course

A moored sailing boat with a red hull with blue strip running lengthwise which has an empty mast and several dozen oars stored upright in their places.

The Hero’s Journey is the basis of all great human stories. From Greek mythology, to fairy tales and current popular adventures including Star Wars and even Harry Potter! Joseph Campbell, an academic in the middle of the last century studied mythology and stories from across the World and noticed this repeating pattern. It seems to… Read more »

How to feel Good Enough Mini-course

A handmade narrow bottom black bowl which has been broken and repaired using gold to fill the cracks and joins.

One of the basic foundations that we need for wellbeing is to feel good enough. To be self accepting and practicing self care. This allows us to feel at peace with ourselves and free to form healthy relationships with others. It also allows us to be natural and authentic rather than presenting a false self,… Read more »

How to Create your Ideal Career Mini-course

Several dozen assorted fine and medium artist brushes in a glass jar covered in spots of different coloured paints.

The world of work is changing. What our parents or grandparents might have experienced is often no longer available or even preferable. One career, guaranteed security, promotion prospects, large pensions – all of these are in decline. This can be scary, or it can be an opportunity. An opportunity to take responsibility to create a… Read more »

How to Handle Anger Mini-course

An explosion of vivid different colour powders against a black background.

Why do we get angry? What are we really angry about? And how do we handle it and respond differently? From social media rants, to arguments with family, friends and partners – frustration, resentment and anger can be a problem. It can worsen the situation, and leave us feeling upset and embarrassed. This course will… Read more »